About Saffron Center

Saffron is red gold and Khorasan has long been called its mine. Currency, which not only has a special place and base in global markets, but also in domestic markets, has a wide range of customers with all tastes. In a way that despite the variety of products that are considered as a souvenir of Mashhad and various shopping centers in this city for pilgrims, saffron is still at the top of the souvenirs of Iranians.

On the other hand, the existence of some counterfeit goods has lost the trust of customers and the scope of this distrust may be extended to this important and traditional product of Khorasan.

The first international saffron sales center Reception counter Specialized quality control laboratory Saffron specialized warehouse Currency exchange Conference room for meetings
Specialized laboratory
physical protection
The first sales center
Exchange in the center
Specialized warehouse
Wireless internal network
Conference room
Monitoring system
Specialized counter
customer club
واتس اپ

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